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Do I need a website?
That is a very good question and it really depends on how serious you are about modeling. If you just want your photos shared on Facebook then no, Of course you don't need a website. If you're however wanting to actually be hired and marketed... then yes, a website would be wanted. The fact is, Facebook won't even Officially verify a model UNLESS SHE HAS A PROFESSIONALLY BUILT WEBSITE. They're NOT going to accept a Model Mayhem page or other such pages. YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN OFFICIAL WEBSITE TO BE OFFICIALLY FACEBOOK VERIFIED.

OK but what Benefits does having a website actually offer me?

The obvious question you're probably wondering and in short I will say that you want a website because it gives you a HOME. You'll make it your headquarters. Your base of operations. You connect the website to your Facebook pages, Twitter pages & Tumblr blogs so you can effortlessly blast your new post across the internet all from the comfort and security of your own website. When connected, your Website will be able to post Nice links with photos that bring the user to your website to see the posted photos instead of you putting them on Facebook, Where you're giving up almost all rights for privacy and trademark.

Will it Help me make money?

YES!, Having your OWN website is the gateway to all sorts of marketing possibilities. Here are just a few ways to earn money with your new site.
1: Advertising - Use Adsense by Google to generate revenue simply by people visiting your site.
2: Online Store - Sell anything from Signed Photos to T-Shirts, All right on your own website.
3: Attracting Scouts and Photographers that in return HIRE you - Your website will come with the forms to allow users to request your services without you ever having to interact unless you find yourself interested in the offer.

What about support and Updates?

During the purchase you will have the option to purchase the length of your support period.

With that said, Please use the links at the top of the page to view some of the other models who have taken advantage of this offer. You can fully browse their sites and get a feel of what you'd be getting. Each site is a little different so please, Look around.

**If you'd like to start making money on your website I suggest Using Plugrush for the fastest, Highest payouts. If you'd like to know other sites I would suggest, please feel free to ask me during the creation of your website. For now, Please use the link below to get your plugrush account active. I will need your advertisement codes during the creation of your website (If you choose to make money using these ads)
*Once you have your plugrush account active you can place your ads on ANY site that allows you to post HTML codes and you'll make even MORE MONEY!
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